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Decentralized Charitable Fund

1 min readOct 12, 2021


💠 The purpose of the foundation

Charity and any social direction are good in any form, but we want to make them decentralized, transparent and independent. One of our important goals is the creation of a Decentralized Charitable Foundation. The existing system does not allow to adequately decide who to help and whom to finance in the first place, since decisions depend on a small number of people. We want to radically change this system and make it transparent and independent, so that such decisions are made by a large number of people, namely all our participants. We are confident that a fairer decision will be made in this case.

💠 Fund’s operating principle

In our project, a charitable foundation will be created, which will be financed by each of our participants. We will select the best projects that need help and by voting the participants will determine the project that, in their opinion, most needs help and funding. In addition to voting, everyone will be able to offer their own charity project. Also, anyone can anonymously or publicly finance this or that project.

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